Rotary Supports Telling Tales

We have long supported literacy and education for all. Our projects have strengthened schools, built community libraries, and given the precious gift of reading and writing to those in need. Without these fundamental skills, too many of our friends and neighbours will remain trapped by poverty, hunger, and disease. Despite this challenge, we are heartened by the company of trusted friends and new allies in our struggle to stop illiteracy. Together we can stop illiteracy and help Make Dreams Real for our friends and neighbours in need. 

~ D. K. Lee, Rotary International President (80-09)

We know that by improving literacy skills we cultivate a higher standard of living for individuals, society and the economy at large. The Telling Tales Festival was inspired by the Rotary International belief that when literacy rates improve, we will be able to break the cycle of poverty. That’s why we’re committed to making Telling Tales a festival accessible to all. We firmly believe that reading opens up the door to a world of possibilities and opportunities.