“The Telling Tales Festival, with its focus on connecting children and books, is one of the premier literary events in the country. I love the relaxed atmosphere, the dedication of the organizers, and the enthusiasm of the thousands of people who show up.”

~ Dennis Lee, Author and Poet

“A literary festival in a rustic heritage village, under a brilliant blue fall sky with the rustle of orange and yellow leaves in the background, and surrounded by books, authors and stories! Telling Tales Festival is a delight!”

~ Rukhsana Khan, Children’s Author & Storyteller

“The Telling Tales Festival is one of the best – if not the best – festivals for children’s authors and performers in Canada. They consistently get an outstanding range of authors and musicians for a range of ages and incredible crowds, and it all goes down in a heritage village. What’s better than reading to an attentive bunch of young readers while a blacksmith explains his trade fifty yards away?”

~ Evan Munday, Author, Illustrator & Cartoonist

“Telling Tales is a true children’s festival of diversity, literacy and multicultural community. Watching the happy faces of children and adults alike, who all delighted in the cornucopia of spoken word and musical sound, sights and history, is a refreshing break from the overwhelming technological age. Books will live forever when each new generation is celebrating like they do at Telling Tales. Reading is alive and well!”

~ Jude Johnson, Singer, Songwriter & Children’s Entertainer

“Telling Tales allows families and young readers to actively engage with KidLit creators. A beautiful, historic outdoor venue sets the perfect stage for discovering one’s own creativity and love of story.”

~ Ruth Ohi, Illustrator & Author

“A beautiful historical setting filled with families with young and older children, engaged by the year’s celebrated authors sharing their craft with interested families and some would-be young writers, plus music to sit back and enjoy, and buildings that percolate with the history of the Hamilton area community.”

~ Paul Fralick, TURKEY Rhubarb

“Telling Tales is a wonderful opportunity for families and children of all ages to play, have fun and be together. Most importantly, Telling Tales inspires a lifelong love of reading.”

~ Jodi Guilmette, Early Years System Manager, Children’s and Home Management Services, Best Start Hamilton

“As assistant superintendent of education, it is my privilege to write this letter of endorsement for the annual Telling Tales Festival.

The children and families in our school board, particularly those in equal opportunity schools, so look forward to this event each year. The day is filled with wonderful activities: a chance to meet their favourite authors, engage in music and movement, explore and learn about Canadian history, and experience the everyday life of our early settlements. Children and their families engage in hiking the various trails and coming upon unexpected vignettes such as train stations, barns and Pioneer homes. It is an especially profound experience for the children in our system who come from socio-economically deprived circumstances; these families look forward to returning to Telling Tales year after year.

Every year, greater numbers of children from our schools participate, and their feedback is always extremely positive. We are proud to provide transportation to facilitate families’ continued involvement.

This experience supports the literacy goals of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board. There are numerous activities that the children engage in after the festival: writing and engaging in oral communication about their experiences, writing their own short stories and poetry, and linking their experience at the festival with the expectations in various curricula, such as social studies where they learn about early European settlers and first Nations peoples.

It is absolutely thrilling to be a part of this tremendous event. Our board sincerely thanks the event planners and organizers who provide this rich experience to our children every year.”

~ Mrs. Toni Kovach, Assistant-Superintendent of Education