Poetry has undoubtedly taken over the Instagram sphere. From perfectly placed novels accented with succulents and coffee, to minimalist black typewriter text bleeding through white paper, poetry has a very particular aura and these pictures truly can say a hundred words. If you’re a teen looking to feel inspired, set your mind free with these six poets on Instagram:

1. Rupi Kaur

Canadian feminist poet, author of Milk and Honey, and spoken word artist, Rupi Kaur is from just outside Hamilton in Brampton, Ontario.

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2. Jon Lupin

From Vancouver, BC, Jon shares witty and uplifting content through his account the Poetry Bandit.

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3. Nikita Gill

28 year old London-based poet has 137 rejection letters from traditional publishers, but her blog is growing by the hundreds each day.

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4. Quarter Life Poetry

A collection of illustrated quatrains about your quarter life crisis. She knows life entering adulthood is not as glamorous as it seems and shows it with witty poems and colourful illustrations.

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5. Tyler Knott

This poet, author and professional photographer has taken the internet by storm through his success on social media. Based in Helena, Montana Knott has been publishing his work online since as early as 2009.

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6. Lang Leav

This contemporary author swings between whimsical and woeful and expresses complexity through a child-like facade.

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Grab your smartphone, pen and paper. If these poets can get noticed with a creative mind and social media – so can you! We’d love to hear your poetry; comment links of your work below or apply to be a part of our Press Club today!

Featured image via Pexels.