Why Telling Tales

Stories connect us to our past, our future, and each other. Through stories we bond with our family, our friends and our heroes. We learn, we dream and we grow.

Telling Tales celebrates stories. We do this by bringing Canadian authors, illustrators, musicians and storytellers together with their audiences: our children.

Telling Tales is committed to inspiring a love of reading and raising awareness of the importance of literacy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding literary programming for children and youth that raises awareness of the importance of literacy in our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a love of reading and improve literacy in children and youth.

Long-Term Goals

Our wish is that everyone who attends the Telling Tales Festival will take home a spark of creative inspiration. If each year we can convert a few reluctant readers into avid readers we will have accomplished a very important goal.

Children and families with an understanding and appreciation for the written word will be able to explore a much wider range of opportunities in life. The Telling Tales team and growing family of supporters know that tackling literacy is an essential step in breaking the cycle of poverty. This is why our festival has a long-term goal of ultimately strengthening and supporting much needed literacy programs in the Hamilton area and our surrounding communities.

Why is there such a need in Hamilton and the surrounding communities?

Hamilton has many challenges. It is a city where one in five people live below the poverty line, and nearly half of the adult population has difficulty reading and writing. If you can read this, you understand that reading is freedom.

When we have truly strengthened literacy programs locally – to the stage where we can see our literacy standards are rising and the need in our community is diminishing – then we will know we have played a part in helping many to live full and rewarding lives.