Announcing Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop Winners

At this year’s Telling Tales Festival, our Press Club members had a special treat – a workshop with journalist and author Joyce Grant!

During this interactive workshop kids became official Telling Tales junior reporters. They received a press badge and learned all about what a journalist does. Joyce took reporters through a news story, how to answer the five W’s, and then sent them out into the field to cover their own assignment!

Kids discovered stories at the festival and wrote an article on a Telling Tales newspaper template. Then Joyce Grant reviewed the entries and selected the top three news articles.

Congratulations to the grand prize winner Junior Reporter Mara H., 8! She wins a free, 20-minute Skype visit from Joyce Grant, co-founder of, for her class.

Congratulations to second place winner Ema G., 12 and and third place winner Brynn R., 7. Each received a new book.

Telling Tales Telegraph Articles

We will publish each story separately as part of the Telling Tales Press Club, but get a sneak peek at the articles here:

1 MaraFirst place article by Mara H., 8

Insight from Joyce:

This is an excellent example of a factual and well-written news article. It covers the who, what, where and why very effectively. It uses the “inverted pyramid” news style, with the most important facts at the top. This article also digs a bit deeper, which is consistent with a journalist’s curiosity about a subject: it talks about the presenter having been an author for two years, and it describes the audience’s reaction to the presentation, which is great. The description of the space where the event took place helps the reader “see” the event. The headline is well written, covering all the bases in just a few words. Terrific image, as well, showing Ira Crumb dancing. All around, a strong piece, written in excellent journalism style.


2 Ema

Second place article by Ema G., 12

Insight from Joyce:

She has effectively covered the bases of a good news story, telling the who, what and where of an event she and her sister enjoyed at Telling Tales. We get a real sense of the excitement of the event. It’s a bit like a column, as well, since we hear about her personal experiences with the event. The headline is short and to the point and the cutline is great because it gives a bit of “extra” information, which is always a plus. And I love the use of the multimedia art as an accompaniment to the piece. Well done!


3 Brynn

Third place article by Brynn R., 7

Insight from Joyce:

This piece really puts the reader in the shoes of the children in a small schoolhouse. It tells us who the children were, what they did, and it gives us some insight into the history and the experience of a one-room schoolhouse. It makes us think about the differences between school today and school in the pioneer days. Great image and cutline, as well. This could form the basis of a terrific historical piece!


Joyce GrantAbout Joyce Grant

Joyce Grant is a freelance journalist and children’s author. She is co-founder and journalist for which produces kid-friendly news articles. She wrote the Gabby series of picture books and two middle-grade baseball novels: Tagged Out and Sliding Home. To book a school visit with Joyce, or for more information visit:


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