Telling Tales FAQ

What’s is Telling Tales?

Although it started as a Festival, Telling Tales has evolved into a year round reading campaign that supports and encourages literacy.

How do I get involved with Telling Tales?

We are always looking for Ambassadors and volunteers to help with our programming year round and with the Festival. Check out our  Volunteer Opportunities page for more information and to sign-up.

Can I keep in touch with Telling Tales?

Our Dragonfly Newsletter is a great way to get monthly updates on Telling Tales. Subscribe by visiting our Dragonfly Monthly page. Connect with us on social media too!

How do I find out more about the Telling Tales Festival?

See below for a separate FAQ for the Festival!

Can my school arrange for a visit from a Telling Tales author?

Absolutely.  There is more information on our School Programs page. Many schools have partnered with Telling Tales to bring an author (or two) to their school. We work closely with School Councils who frequently use their funding for parental engagement and/ or their Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants to host Telling Tales Family Literacy Events. Schools can also enter Telling Tales Contests for a chance to win  a visit from one of our Telling Tales authors.

Can Telling Tales participate in my community event?

We are always looking to expand our reach in the community. Please contact  for more information on availability and fees. We pay our presenter fairly and so require a modest fee to help us cover our basic costs.

Can I sponsor the literacy work that Telling Tales does?

Of course!  We are grateful to our many partners of Telling Tales who donate funds, services, products and time. Visit our partnership opportunities page for further information!

Who are the Friends of Telling Tales?

Friends of Telling Tales help us to support literacy in our community. We would love you to join! Your gift of $20 or more will enable us to expand our reach into the community as well as bring more children and their families to the Festival each year. Click Here for more information.

What is the process for becoming a Telling Tales presenter or to recommend one?

Although the competition is steep – we do welcome suggestions from general public, presenters, educators, supporters of every kind.  Our Call for Presenters has more information.

The Telling Tales Festival FAQ

When is this year’s Festival?

Sunday September 16, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What is the cost?

This is a free event, even the parking is free. However, Telling Tales is a non-profit organization, so donations to literacy will be gratefully accepted.

When do you announce the Festival line-up?

Telling Tales kicks off officially in early May and our line-up is revealed then. Click Here for this year’s amazing line-up!

Can anyone attend the Telling Tales Kick Off?

Yes! The Telling Tales Kick Off is a public event that takes place each year in May at Central Library, Hamilton Public Library.

Is there a rain date?

Telling Tales runs rain or shine. There are tents and buildings that offer some shelter.

What is the parking situation?

We anticipate a large crowd so we have arranged FREE parking at the nearby Rockton Fairgrounds located at 812 Old Hwy 8 in Rockton, Ontario. From there visitors will be shuttled to Westfield Heritage Village, a short five minute ride away. Shuttle service will run all day. We do encourage you to think green and carpool with other family members and friends. Or take advantage of our Courtesy Bus Service from Hamilton. There will be no general visitor parking available at Westfield Heritage Village, however, parking for special needs is available at Westfield Heritage Village.

When do the buses stop running to Rockton for the general public?

The last bus is at 4:15 p.m. Special care is taken to ensure everyone gets back to Rockton on a bus.

Where are the washrooms?

Washrooms can be found in the Westfield parking lot (just before the main Entrance), beside the Summer Stage, in the Large Meadow and at Rockton.

Do the washrooms have change tables?

The washrooms at the Ironwood Tea House contain change tables. There is also a full changing and nursing station available in the Large Meadow.

Is it difficult for seniors, children in strollers, and people with disabilities to get around?

The Village is a living history museum of over 35 historical buildings depicting a variety of time periods. The landscape is flat, and roads and paths are fine gravel. Many buildings enjoy the use of ramps. Other buildings are at ground level or have a couple of stairs.

What if someone is hurt or loses a child?

Westfield features a first aid station and lost and found station at the Main Office building near the entrance.  A paramedic is available all day.

What are the choices for food?

There are food trucks at the main entrance. If you would like homemade food, visit the Ironwood across from gift shop. There are also food vendors in the Large Meadow.

Is there a gift shop?

A variety of inexpensive and unique gift and food items can be purchased at the gift shop and General Store. New books can be purchased at A Different Drummer Books on-site book shop tent, while second hand books are available at the Book Swap & Shop tent. Our exhibitors may choose to sell select items in the Large Meadow.

Can I tour the historic buildings in languages other than English?

Westfield currently offers tours in English only.

Does Westfield sell milk for my kids and what is the menu?

Westfield traditionally sells soft drinks, bottled water and fruit drinks only. The menu varies depending on the food vendors selected for this event.

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring blankets, lawn chairs and a picnic lunch or snacks to enjoy. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and bug spray doesn’t hurt either. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle that can be filled at the Quench Buggy. Bring an umbrella to chase the clouds away. Bring a few slightly used children’s books to donate to the Book Swap & Shop.

Can I bring my pet?

Although Westfield does welcome dogs on leashes at other events, pets are not allowed on the day of the Festival. Too many people, too much commotion, your pet won’t enjoy it.

Where do I drop off the Tell Your Tale contest form?

Please complete the forms (including the contact information, so we can reach you in case you are a winner). You can drop forms off at the Large Meadow Information Tent, at the Bandstand, and at the main gates at Westfield and at Rockton.

Can I buy a Telling Tales T-shirt?

There will also be a few Telling Tale T-shirts for sale plus other souvenirs. They can be purchased at the Merchandise and Press Club tent in the Book Corral, near the autograph tent. Proceeds to go the festival and literacy projects in our community.

Where do I find an ATM?

An ATM is located in front of the Ironwood.