Welcome to our latest Press Club Junior Reporter Sumayyah S., 8, from Hamilton. She created an adventurous tale about a girl on the hunt for pirate treasure! Thank you Sumayyah for sharing your story with us!

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The Telling Tales Press Club Presents . . .

Gwen Star and the Treasure Map

By Sumayyah S., 8, from Hamilton

Dear Diary,

It has been a long time since me and my friend Opal have been on an adventure. Our last adventure was 15 months ago in the sand Dunes of Wipachaka! My name is Gwen Star, I want to be an archeologist when I grow older. I love to go on adventures and discover more and more. I got into going on adventures in school and I will tell you the story.

It all started in the tallest tree in the school playground. One day we climbed up that tree and noticed something glowing in it. We got closer and closer and it sucked us into a portal. The portal basically takes you to fantasy worlds and we have to find objects. There is basically a genie living in the tree for 1,000 years and we have to find objects to let him free. I go to see the tree after school all the time, but it never seemed to be glowing?! Until today.

I landed on a sandy beach with a blue ocean. “So, it looks like we’re on a beach.” “Yeah, now we just need to find our friend Goldy the monkey or Salpa the pirate.” By the way, the monkey can talk. Just then we saw a pirate ship come to shore, it was Salpa the pirate! “Argh me hearties!” “What’s our mission today?” I said.  “Argh treasure map is missing, arr, last time I saw it is when I dropped it in the water! Argh, have a boat for yea lassie be careful!” And off we went sailing into the middle of the ocean. I checked in the boat and they had lifejackets and goggles so that is good. Let’s start the adventure!

We jumped into the water and swam which seemed like hours! Finally, we saw a cave that was glowing. We went inside and saw a big octopus protecting a treasure map. Hurray! “Octopus we need that treasure map!” “Well you can have it, but you must do some things for me first! You must swim to the seaweed shore and get some of it for me, and also you must get me some human spit. So that will be easy,” said the Octopus. First, we need to spit into this bottle because we are humans so that’s what we did. Then we swam all the way to the seaweed shore and back. We got a few stings but nothing much! We came all the way back, got the map and went to the pirates! They were so happy and for a present they gave us 1 silver bangle each and off we went back home!