New author at Telling Tales

By Mara H., 8

Naseem Hrab reads her new book at Telling Tales. The name of the book is Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend. It was so funny and fantastic.

She has been an author for only two years and has only published one book. The audience loved the story.

There were speech bubbles as well as the body. There was lots of space for the stage as well as the audience behind the school house.

You should read it. No really.


Showcasing the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop Grand Prize Winner

During the 9th annual Telling Tales Festival kids became official junior reporters and learned all about what a journalist does at the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop with author and journalist Joyce Grant.

We are excited to present the winning article here. Congratulations to the grand prize winner Junior Reporter Mara H., 8, from Hamilton! For creating a great news story, she won a free, 20-minute Skype visit from Joyce Grant, co-founder of, for her class.

We hope you enjoyed reading Mara’s winning story!

Joyce Grant reviewed all of the submitted articles and had this to say about Mara’s story:

This is an excellent example of a factual and well-written news article. It covers the who, what, where and why very effectively. It uses the “inverted pyramid” news style, with the most important facts at the top. This article also digs a bit deeper, which is consistent with a journalist’s curiosity about a subject: it talks about the presenter having been an author for two years, and it describes the audience’s reaction to the presentation, which is great. The description of the space where the event took place helps the reader “see” the event. The headline is well written, covering all the bases in just a few words. Terrific image, as well, showing Ira Crumb dancing. All around, a strong piece, written in excellent journalism style.