Kids and the school

By Brynn R., 7

The children went to a tiny little school. The children had all different ages in their class. There was only one class. The children who lived close to the school went home and got their lunch. Others who lived farther away had brought their lunches to school. There was washrooms outside of the school. When they were working in the day, there was no light. They had no yard duty teachers outside because you only had one teacher there. Recess was about 45 minutes.


Showcasing the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop Third-Place Winner

During the 9th annual Telling Tales Festival kids became official junior reporters and learned all about what a journalist does at the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop with author and journalist Joyce Grant.

Congratulations to the third-place winner Junior Reporter Brynn R., 7, from Waterloo!

We hope you enjoyed reading Brynn’s story about the Cathcart Schoolhouse at Westfield Heritage Village.


Joyce Grant had this insight into Brynn’s article:

This piece really puts the reader in the shoes of the children in a small schoolhouse. It tells us who the children were, what they did, and it gives us some insight into the history and the experience of a one-room schoolhouse. It makes us think about the differences between school today and school in the pioneer days. Great image and cutline, as well. This could form the basis of a terrific historical piece!