Exercising pays off with the YMCA

by Ema G., 12

On September 17, Telling Tales sponsors YMCA came to the annual Telling Tales Festival at Westfield Heritage Village. This year, me and my younger sister decided to try it out, and much to our excitement, they had prepared a scavenger hunt for all the kids! They would give each family a clue, and it would lead us to its answer. After you find the answer, you give it to them and they show you how to do a fun exercise with them. The answers were hidden all throughout the Large Meadow. The best part? When you find all the answers you get a fun prize! Like many other years, the YMCA did an excellent job of showing kids that exercise is really fun, and it pays off too.


Showcasing the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop Second-Place Winner

During the 9th annual Telling Tales Festival kids became official junior reporters and learned all about what a journalist does at the Telling Tales Press Club Journalism Workshop with author and journalist Joyce Grant.

Congratulations to the second-place winner Junior Reporter Ema G., 12, from Hamilton!

We hope you enjoyed reading Ema’s story.

Joyce Grant had this insight into Ema’s article:

She has effectively covered the bases of a good news story, telling the who, what and where of an event she and her sister enjoyed at Telling Tales.

We get a real sense of the excitement of the event. It’s a bit like a column, as well, since we hear about her personal experiences with the event.

The headline is short and to the point and the cutline is great because it gives a bit of “extra” information, which is always a plus. And I love the use of the multimedia art as an accompaniment to the piece. Well done!