Our newest Press Club member Jordan L., 13 from Hamilton enjoys attending the Telling Tales Festival with her sister and mom. She has shared some special moments, including her fondest festival memories. Thank you so much for sharing these special times with us Jordan!

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Telling Tales Festival Memories

by Jordan L., 13

Munsch's audience_Tim_2010

Robert Munsch entertaining the crowd at a past Telling Tales Festival.

We would get up early and get ready to go. We walk over to the school parking lot that was by my school and catch the school bus that was going to Westfield. Me and my sister always were the first kids there due to the fact that my mom was the person that made sure the right people were on the bus. Once everyone was there we would drive up to Westfield. There would be parents talking and kids laughing. That part always stuck with me.

Me, my mom and sister went to see one specific author – the famous Robert Munsch! In our house his books are love. I remember sitting with one of my friends and having so much fun with him listening to this man.

Three years ago when I went to Telling Tales and would walk in the buildings there would always be happy faces there to greet you. On one specific Telling Tales I walked up from the meadow and went into the trading post and I started to ask him how I could become a volunteer. That’s what put me in the place I am now. Now I’m a volunteer. I have worked all Telling Tales since that day. And now I’m making memories for others.