Hello! Thanks for coming back to our blog this week! Today, we wanted to talk about a cause that is near and dear to our hearts: Pink Shirt Day.

Pink Shirt Day is an anti-bullying movement that was started by two students in Nova Scotia. On Friday, students across Canada will go to school wearing pink shirts as a sign that they will not tolerate bullying at their schools.

Did you know that 1 in 5 students are affected by bullying? 

This is an issue that every child is aware of.

As you can imagine, there are lots of stories about dealing with bullies written for young children. Our friends at the Canadian Children’s Book Centre have come up with a list of books about bullying for all ages. Today, though, we want to highlight Lana Button’s Willow Finds a Way.

Lana was born in New Brunswick, which is close to Nova Scotia but not quite there! We don’t know if the Maritimes are particularly anti-bullying but reading Lana’s books make us think so! Willow Finds a Way is about a controlling classmate who uses invitations to a party to bully her friends until Willow stands up to her. You can learn more about Lana on her website!

Willow Finds a Way is a great starting point for having a conversation about bullying with your child. Here are some questions you can ask to start thinking about bullying:

What would you have done in Willow’s shoes?

Do you think Kristabelle knew she was being mean?

Why do you think Kristabelle acted like she did?

We can all spend more time thinking more about bullying, and about how we can use love and friendliness to help people who are being bullied. There are some great books with this message on our 2019 Reading List as well! We like Skinnamarink by Sharon and Bram, as well as The Scarecrow by the Fan Brothers.

Do you have a favourite story that’s about dealing with bullies? Let us know by leaving us a comment down below!