Presenting a Creative Tale

Enjoy this featured story by our latest Press Club member Gabriel V., 9 of Hamilton. He wrote a great story involving magic, adventure and carrots!

Gabriel attended the 7th Annual Telling Tales Festival on Sept. 20th and submitted this terrific story. We would love to hear about your experiences at the festival this year! Write a short story about your favourite part: a fun presenter, getting an autograph, picking up a special book, or meeting a character in person!

Special announcement: Gabriel is the grand prize winner in our summer Press Club contest! He won an antique writing box (an old-fashioned pencil case). Congratulations Gabriel – great job!

The Telling Tales Press Club is designed to encourage kids aged 6-14 to write, draw and create. If you know someone that enjoys writing, wants to see their name in print and earn great prizes, tell them about the Telling Tales Press Club! We want to showcase young budding authors and illustrators on our blog, so click here for more details about joining the Telling Tales Press Club.


Carrot Story

By Gabriel V., 9

carrot story imageOnce upon a time, a farmer was taking his load of carrots to market. He had worked hard all summer to keep them watered and safe from the many bunnies that lived near his garden, but now he’d be able to sell them in the big city, where people always liked the delicious carrots that he grew.

With the money he earned, he would be able to pay the rent on the garden and would be able to buy groceries for his family. (One can’t live only on carrots.)

Sadly, while the farmer was driving across the magic river that flowed between his garden and the city, a swarm of angry, purple, whistling, hungry mosquitoes attacked him and his horse. While the farmer was busy swatting mosquitoes and his horse was being bitten mercilessly, the horse shied, the cart tipped over, and the carrots fell into the magic river.

PC carrot story image2In the river, something weird happened – the carrots magically grew arms and legs and started swimming about. They swam to the river bank and climbed out. They did not look happy. (Maybe they suspected what would have happened to them if they had gone all the way to market.)

Seeing people buying some carrots at a vegetable stand in the nearby village, the grumpy carrot army flew into a rage and started angrily running toward them. Screaming with fear, the small crowd scrambled to safety, heading for the house of the local wizard.

Hearing of what was happening, the wizard grabbed some forks and knives from his dinner table and enchanted them to grow – the forks became as large as pitchforks, and the knives became as large as swords. He gave these to the townspeople, who used them to defend themselves from the attacking carrots.

Fortunately for the townspeople, they were able to win the battle with the help of the giant forks and knives. With all those carrots, they baked a huge carrot cake.

They called all their neighbours to help them enjoy the carrot cake, and they lived happily ever after.