Presenting a “Fishy” Telling Tales Press Club Story

We’re proud to publish a sequel!

One of our young Press Club members has submitted a new story. Lauren W., 6, from Hamilton is a budding author and illustrator that loves animals – especially dolphins. She wrote a story about two best friends: a dolphin named Sparkle and a turtle named Joey.

Here’s her first story. In her follow up story these friends head to the zoo. Very creative Lauren!

The Telling Tales Press Club is designed to encourage kids aged 6-14 to write, draw and create. If you know someone that enjoys writing and wants to see their name in print, tell them about the Telling Tales Press Club! We want to showcase young budding authors and illustrators on our blog, so click here for more details about joining the Telling Tales Press Club.


Joey and Sparkle Go to the Zoo

by Lauren W., 6


Once upon a time there were two friends. Their names were Joey and Sparkle. They are going to the zoo.


First they went to see the starfishy fish.


Then they went to see the cowfishy.


Then they went to see the catfish.

The end.