We are excited to share a poem from returning Press Club member Brynn R., 7, from Waterloo. She created a fantastic poem about a mythical creature called a Treepo. Thank you so much for sharing this poem with us Brynn!

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The Telling Tales Press Club is Proud to Present . . .


A Story of ………. ?

By Brynn R., 7, from Waterloo

2018 Press Club Brynn Treepo poemcrop

On the day of my birth I was born under a tree.

A one so odd and unknown but I had yellow eyes so I thought I wasn’t seeing properly. No.

Then I thought I had damaged my eyes. No.

So then I thought I should look at others eyes. But not a single one had yellow eyes.

Wow I thought. Then I asked if I was another species?

Yes. I didn’t have my heart beating, days passed well a year, so I knew I was something else.

I was turning into a tree they said I was a Treepo.