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We are thrilled to feature a special Telling Tales Press Club story from our seasoned Press Club members: Victoria B., 9, and Emma C., 10, both from Hamilton.

They wrote a spooky adventure story! Fantastic job girls! Just for entering, Victoria and Emma earn an exclusive Telling Tales Press Badge, Souvenir Program and Telling Tales poster! Plus they are entered into a special Press Club contest to win great prizes!

The Telling Tales Press Club is designed to encourage kids aged 6-14 to write, draw and create. If you know someone that enjoys writing, wants to see their name in print and earn great prizes, tell them about the Telling Tales Press Club! We want to showcase young budding authors and illustrators on our blog, so click here for more details about joining the Telling Tales Press Club.



By Victoria, 9 and Emma, 10

Once there was a girl named Lilly who had a dog named Cocobutter. Lilly had a friend named Olivia that had a dog named Coco.

One day they were at Lilly’s house working on a project. While they were doing their project, they got tired so they went to Lilly’s room for a nap. When they were asleep, a vicious skeleton stole Cocobutter and Coco. He left a note saying that he was taking the dogs and going to the Bahamas.

So the girls set off to the airport to catch the next flight to the Bahamas. During their flight to the Bahamas, the plane crashed, leaving them stranded on a small island. The girls were able to make a raft out of tree limbs and leaves and used it to make their way to the Bahamas.

When they arrived in the Bahamas, they found camels to take them to the caves. On their journey, they stopped and collected two iron swords. When they got there, they tried to tie the camels to a tree but they ran away.

When they entered the cave, they saw Cocobutter and Coco hanging from a string, above a lava pit. The girls knew straight away what to do. Out of nowhere, an army of skeletons entered the cave.  The girls tried to fight them off but they were trapped. The skeletons tied up the girls beside their dogs. Olivia got her sword and tied the two strings together. Lilly said, “Start swinging and then I will cut the two ropes.” So Olivia started to swing and Lilly cut the two ropes setting them and their dogs free on the ground. They fought through the skeletons and out of the cave.

The girls and dogs made their way back to the airport. When they arrived at the airport, the dogs saw the guy that stole them. They started barking loud. He walked up to them and said, “You got away…Hum.” The guy ripped off his mask and the girls saw that he was a skeleton! The two girls started running towards their plane.  As soon as they got on it, it took off, leaving the skeleton behind.

Once they arrived back to their home town, they walked home thinking about what their parents would do to them. As they got to Lilly’s house, they noticed that her parents were waiting for them at the kitchen table. The two girls sat down quietly hoping not to get into trouble. Lilly’s parents asked, “Where have you been? Why would you run away? You could have got killed.” The girls notice something different about Lilly’s parents and before they could say anything, her parents ripped off their masks and they were SKELETONS!

The girls picked up their dogs and ran out the door. They ran to Olivia’s house and found Lilly’s and Olivia’s parents. Their parents were so happy to see them. Everyone started to cry and talk at the same time. Then…