Presenting a Telling Tales Press Club Horse Tale

We are excited to feature a special Telling Tales Press Club story from our latest member: author and illustrator, Adrienne S., 9, from Burford. She loves taking horse riding lessons and wrote a story inspired by her experiences taking care of horses!

We would love to hear about your hobbies and interests! Write a short story about your favourite past time, or draw a picture of something you enjoy doing. Do you play a sport, love animals, or have a special talent you would like to share with us?

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Southern Cross

by Adrienne S., 9

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Chapter 1: Ava’s Ankle

Ava’s ankle needed two weeks to heal. She was sad.


But Lea was sad for her, so she got her a toy pony. Then Lea wasn’t sad and gave her it.


Then Ava wasn’t sad. She loved the toy pony.


Chapter 2:

Allison was a good horse rider, so was Adrienne.

The horse’s names were Saddie and Patch. They are ponies.


Saddie is Adrienne’s pony and Patch is Allison’s.

Then Ava couldn’t wait to ride Patch again.

7 back cover

The end