We are excited to feature a special Telling Tales Press Club story from our latest Press Club member: Allison W., 9, from Hamilton. She loves horses! She wrote a tale about the adventures of a pony named Patch.

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Riding Academy: Patch

by Allison W., 9

PC Allison coverPC Allison page 1 to 2

Mia and her horse were practicing for the show next week. Mia’s competing in jumping and dressage. Dressage is when the horse rides at 4 paces: walk, trot, canter and gallop. The rider also has to come up with a routine for her/him to perform on their horse. Mia has been riding at Southern Cross since she was four, now she is 10. Mia has been practicing every day for 2 months. Mia’s horse is Patch. She started riding Patch when she was 5. Patch was named Patch because of his beautiful patches. Mia’s best friend’s name is Ella. When Mia is done riding she goes to watch Ella ride. Tomorrow Ella will compete in jumping.

PC Allison page 3 to 4

Today is Ella’s show day. I’m helping her saddle up her horse, wash it and get her loaded into the trailer. Ella’s horse’s name is Coco. “Mia, I’m all done getting ready,” said Ella, all dressed in her black riding coat and pants, with her purple riding hat and brown lace-up boots. Our riding instructors Adrienne and Allison rode in the bus with us. “I wouldn’t miss my best friend showing!”

PC Allison page 5 to 6

We were there before we knew it. Ella was up first. I watched her as she soared over the first and second rail, but as they approached the third rail they jumped over it but landed so suddenly that Ella fell off her horse. She had to go to the hospital. The doctor said she broke her wrist, and couldn’t ride for 6 weeks until she recovered. At least I can still compete in jumping and dressage. Just five more days left.

PC Allison page 7 to 8

Five days have passed. I hosed down Patch, groomed him, saddled him up, got dressed in my brown coat and pants, purple riding helmet and black lace-up boots. I gave Patch a few apples then loaded him into the trailer. I’m so happy Ella could come and cheer me on. So we all hopped on to the bus. When we got there I was the third one to go. I jumped over all the jumps but finished 55 seconds, but one girl got 53 seconds. So I got 2nd in jumping but I still have dressage. I looked at my watch, oh no, I’m on soon. I went to get lined up.

PC Allison page 9 to 10

Me and Patch perfected each pace, and our routine turned out amazing. I scored perfect and got 1st place!

PC Allison back cover

This book is made for people who love horses!