WP Press Club Chloe

We have a great story by author and illustrator Chloe B., 6, from Hamilton. She drew a gorgeous picture and wrote a short story about being an artist.

Chloe attended the 7th Annual Telling Tales Festival on Sept. 20th and submitted this terrific story. We would love to hear about your experiences at the festival this year! Write a short story about your favourite part: a fun presenter, getting an autograph, picking up a special book, or meeting a character in person!

The Telling Tales Press Club is designed to encourage kids aged 6-14 to write, draw and create. If you know someone that enjoys writing, wants to see their name in print and earn great prizes, tell them about the Telling Tales Press Club! We want to showcase young budding authors and illustrators on our blog, so click here for more details about joining the Telling Tales Press Club.


The Artist

by Chloe B., 6



Once there was a girl named Jessica who loves to paint. Her parents want her to do work, but she only wants to paint.

When she did not listen they had to have a serious talk.