More Days, More Stages, More Presenters, More Visitors

Over 50 presenters are waiting to share their stories with you. Many of their books will be launched at this year’s festival! With the Forest of Reading Stage we now boast 11 stages. On top of all of that, the festival experience has been extended to a third day with the introduction of Nature Tales on Sunday, September 22nd at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

There are countless presenters, volunteers, organizations, partners and supporters to thank for helping us all year round. Heartfelt thanks to all for their steadfast belief in the importance of Telling Tales. Without everyone’s incredible support, we would not be able to offer Telling Tales for free. If you get a chance, please help us by thanking our supporters in person.

Together, we are building an extraordinary community dedicated to inspiring a love of reading in children and youth. The ripple effect will be far reaching. By raising readers, we are taking important steps toward creating a more caring, compassionate and peaceful world.

2019 Impact Report