Telling Tales Supports Literacy

When we are successful in covering the festival costs, Telling Tales donates a portion of the proceeds back to literacy initiatives in our community. Since 2009 over $109,000 has been raised for local literacy programs.

It is because of strong support from our donors and supporters that we have been able to assist the following programs:

  • Early Literacy Hamilton is a community-wide collaboration of partners who share the goal of improving literacy levels for all children in the Hamilton region. Their “Read to Your Baby” project ensures board books are given to children at their 18-month enhanced well-baby visit. During this checkup doctors and health practitioners talk about how important it is for new parents to read with their baby. Parents are then provided with a daily “prescription to read” along with a new board book to share with their child, plus an invitation to get their child a library card.

  • Rotary Summer Literacy Program helps to provide a summer literacy camp experience for over 2,500 primary and junior students. This program provides at-risk youth in Hamilton the opportunity to develop literacy skills in a fun summer camp setting, all at no cost to them.

2016 Literacy Funding Announcement

From left to right: Joanna Williams, Telling Tales PR Manager; Tony Del Monaco, Hamilton Public Library; Suzanne Hampson, Hamilton Public Library; Donna Millard, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board; Melanie Southern, Hamilton Public Library; Karen Anderson, Hamilton Public Library; Kim Burns, Affiliated Services for Children and Youth; Laura Lukasik, Hamilton Public Library; Evette Sauriol, Read to Your Baby Chair; Naomi Brun, Hamilton Public Library; Peter Thoem, Rotary Club of Burlington Central; Lita Barrie, Hamilton Public Library; Susan Jasper, Telling Tales Founder; Nancy Baker, Rotary Club of Hamilton; Mark Tharme, Muse Marketing Group; Judy Boswell, Muse Marketing Group; Robert Blunsdon, Rotary Summer Literacy Program; Kevin Anstee, Rotary Club of Hamilton; Paul Takala, Hamilton Public Library; and Paul Lakin, Rotary Club of Hamilton AM

Helping each other to support literacy

The organizations that have received modest funding from Telling Tales have all played an active role in building and supporting our festival. If your organization has a local literacy project that needs funding and you are willing and able to help us to further our mission, we would be pleased to review your request.

Funding requests should:

  • Clearly outline a description of your program and it’s impact.

  • Define how additional funds will be used.

  • Provide a simple financial statement clearly showing revenue, expenses and net income for previous year – as well as your budget for the current year.

  • Describe your organization’s committee structure and charitable status.

  • Explain how you plan to measure the success of your project.

  • If applicable, explain how funds received from Telling Tales have been put to work.

  • Outline how you can help Telling Tales throughout the year and during the festival to further our mission.

Each year in late fall, a committee comprised of representatives from each of the Rotary Clubs that support us at the Silver level decide how the funds raised should be allocated.

If you would like more information, or want to feedback on your funding request, send us an email at:

Please submit no later than October 1, 2017.