Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers – you are the reason our Festival is so successful!

Our Volunteer Recruitment Co-chair Julie Shea is pictured in the middle (wearing an orange vest).

Our Volunteer Recruitment Co-chair Julie Shea is pictured in the middle (wearing an orange vest).

To celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month, we wanted to recognize one of our dedicated volunteers.

As part of the Festivals and Events Ontario Top 100 designation, we are able to recognize a volunteer. This year Julie Shea was recognized and received a special certificate. Julie is our Volunteer Recruitment Co-Chair. She has been a volunteer with the festival for six years, and is a Rotarian. We asked Julie about her involvement with Telling Tales.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Festival?

When I heard about the festival it sounded like a magical idea. I loved reading as a child and it was a big part of my life. I was also involved in establishing book clubs in my children’s school and helped out with the Forest of Reading, so this definitely struck a cord. I also knew that with Susan and her sister Anne at the helm I was going to be part of a great project.

What do you look forward to most at the Telling Tales Festival each September?

I really enjoy the fellowship among the volunteers and how committed and enthusiastic everyone is. I love the venue and my absolute favourite part is watching the families come together to make memories.

What do you enjoy most about your time volunteering with Telling Tales throughout the year?

Apart from spending time with Anne Bermingham, I have enjoyed watching the festival grow each year. Being involved in the early stages I have been able to witness the growth of the festival. This group is so dynamic that they are always developing new ideas and systems. It is wonderful working with such great minds and great energy. And so special to watch Susan Jasper’s dream become a reality. Susan is an inspiration and I enjoy watching her inspire everyone around her.

OgsecretWhat was your favourite book growing up? Why?

I loved the The Secret World of Og. I got so lost in the adventure and I wanted to be part of that family spelunking in the underworld. It was so exciting to see these kids have an adventure with no parents around. I used to go onto the Bruce Trail near my house and pretend I was looking for The Secret World of Og. I read it to my own children and it was just as fun!


The Secret World of Og image by Source, Fair use