I experience pure joy when I sit and watch the faces of the young readers eagerly selecting ‘new books’ for themselves at the Book Swap tables. Amazing! They seriously contemplate what to get; their faces light up when they recognize a title or author on a cover; they actually jump up and down with excitement.
And then later, you see them sitting under a tree, or leaning up against a friend or parent, already half done reading the new book!
Absolutely pleasure for the beholder and the reader! Thanks, Telling Tales Festival, for getting books into the hands of these kids.
~ Linda Granfield
Telling Tales is the gold standard for festivals. For family audiences and presenters. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Everything from scheduling to sandwiches was perfect, as was the company! Please pass along my thanks to the whole incredibly hardworking crew.
~Ted Staunton

I love Telling Tales, both as a presenter AND an attendee, where the focus is on stories and being present in the moment. What a wonderful day connecting with other humans—I can’t think of a better way to build community than through books and literature in a setting that reminds us of a simpler time where it was normal to be ‘unplugged’.
~ Joanne Levy
Telling Tales is one of the best literary festivals in Canada, not only because it is so well organized but because of its year-long commitment to, and support for, literacy. The festival itself always brings in top-drawer talent–but more important than that, throughout the year the organizers work with schools and parents to build literacy opportunities. Telling Tales recognizes that literacy is not a once-a-year endeavour; it’s a year-round effort. This festival works overtime to help Canada’s kids learn to read, and to foster their love of reading. I encourage everyone to attend, and support, Telling Tales.
-Joyce Grant
I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful day! It was so much fun!!! You and your team are so incredibly organized!!! It was a seamless day.
~ Naseem Hrab
“Telling Tales is a wonderful opportunity for families and children of all ages to play, have fun and be together. Most importantly, Telling Tales inspires a lifelong love of reading.”

~ Jodi Guilmette, Early Years System Manager, Children’s and Home Management Services, Best Start Hamilton

Thank you!
For all that you do.
Not just for me.
Not just for other authors.
Not just for the kids who come out to country for a day.
But for the entire community.
You make it a better place.
A much better place.
Telling Tales is an extraordinary thing.
I am honoured to be associated with it.

~Andrew Larsen

I was ecstatic in 2015 when I was first invited to present–and, because I’d been telling my publicist forever how much this was a dream of mine, he was thrilled for me too! Of course, the day was fabulous; I met excited readers of every age; and to my children, I was one of the stars. To be invited back in 2017 felt like a celebration befitting my writing journey–and my 10th book for young readers. Telling Tales has been with me all the way: inspiring me when I cautiously, quietly approached Robert Munsch; bringing joy and excitement to my own three young readers; and giving me an opportunity to share a day of books and fun with children and other bookish people. Telling Tales is not simply my favourite children’s literary festival. It is my favourite festival ever!

~ Lisa Dalrymple

Sun, words, amazing pictures… and kettle corn! Quite simply a perfect day every year!
Kevin Sylvester
I had a great time at Telling Times, a fantastically well-organized and young-reader-focused extravaganza in a memorable location.
~ Emma Donoghue
“As assistant superintendent of education, it is my privilege to write this letter of endorsement for the annual Telling Tales Festival.

The children and families in our school board, particularly those in equal opportunity schools, so look forward to this event each year. The day is filled with wonderful activities: a chance to meet their favourite authors, engage in music and movement, explore and learn about Canadian history, and experience the everyday life of our early settlements. Children and their families engage in hiking the various trails and coming upon unexpected vignettes such as train stations, barns and Pioneer homes. It is an especially profound experience for the children in our system who come from socio-economically deprived circumstances; these families look forward to returning to Telling Tales year after year.

Every year, greater numbers of children from our schools participate, and their feedback is always extremely positive. We are proud to provide transportation to facilitate families’ continued involvement.

This experience supports the literacy goals of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board. There are numerous activities that the children engage in after the festival: writing and engaging in oral communication about their experiences, writing their own short stories and poetry, and linking their experience at the festival with the expectations in various curricula, such as social studies where they learn about early European settlers and first Nations peoples.

It is absolutely thrilling to be a part of this tremendous event. Our board sincerely thanks the event planners and organizers who provide this rich experience to our children every year.”

~ Mrs. Toni Kovach, Assistant-Superintendent of Education