About Telling Tales

Telling Tales is a registered charity that presents a year-long reading campaign dedicated to promoting literacy and inspiring a love of reading. The annual program culminates in a free, three-day festival that showcases interactive presentations from fifty of Canada’s finest children’s authors, illustrators, storytellers and performers. The year-round mandate of the festival is to deliver literary arts-based programming that celebrates stories and empowers youth to tell their own.

What Does Telling Tales Do?

Telling Tales celebrates stories. We do this by bringing Canadian authors, illustrators, musicians and storytellers together with their audiences: our children. We are committed to showcasing the best that Canada has to offer for young people through a variety of formats: storytelling, writing, illustrating, and performing arts, delivered through four distinct programming channels: Annual Festival, Community & School Literacy Events, and Digital Resources. Our growth and success over the last ten years can be attributed to a heartfelt commitment to our belief that reading and literacy are essential, and that they should be celebrated and promoted! Telling Tales’ year-round events are truly interactive experiences, creating many opportunities for meaningful dialogue between our presenters and their fans.

Long-term Goals

Our wish is that everyone who attends the Telling Tales Festival, a Telling Tales Community Event, or engages with us through our digital platforms will take home a spark of creative inspiration that helps foster a love of reading. We know that children and families with an understanding and appreciation for the written word are better equipped to weather life’s challenges and explore life’s opportunities. If each year we can convert a few reluctant readers into avid readers we will have accomplished this very important goal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding literary programming for children and youth that raises awareness of the importance of literacy in our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a love of reading and improve literacy in children and youth.

Case for Support: Why is Telling Tales Important

The power of stories and the power of literacy — these are superpowers that change children’s lives forever. In a world of hectic work schedules, electronic device addiction, declining funding for the arts in schools, as well as cultural and monetary barriers, children from every background can struggle with reading. Low literacy rates persist and high dropout rates are often the result. The stats are clear that the higher the literacy rate level, the more likely the child is to stay in school and thrive in life.

We are providing new platforms for Canada’s leading children’s authors, illustrators, storytellers and musicians to interact with children, youth and their families. We love to connect the inspiring and talented rock stars of children’s literature with the right audience – then watch the sparks fly.

Download our Introduction to Telling Tales pdf